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About Us

Casinos make money from card game players; SAM’S 21 members make money from both!

Welcome to SAM’S, the home of the most innovative and thrilling card game in the world. We are a global membership distribution network that provides exclusively manufactured SAM’S 21 cards to card enthusiasts, game lovers, casino players, and casinos.

Targets of SAM'S 21

1.       Investment in the Casino and Resort Industry

-          SAM’S 21 is a unique card game based on blackjack, featuring a copyrighted point system. Beyond entertainment, it has ambitious plans to impact the global casino and resort industry.

-          SAM’S 21 aims to allocate its profits strategically, investing in casinos and resorts worldwide. By doing so, it seeks to capitalize on the lucrative opportunities within this sector.


2.       Strategic Partnerships with Casinos

-          SAM’S 21 envisions creating a powerful and expansive Blackjack empire. To achieve this, it plans to forge collaborative partnerships with casinos across the globe.

-          By leveraging the expertise and reach of established casinos, SAM’S 21 aims to enhance its influence and market presence significantly.


3.       Cryptocurrency Launch

-          As part of its innovative approach, SAM’S 21 will introduce its cryptocurrency, the SAM’S 21 Blackjack Coin (SBC).


4.       Going IPO Strategy

-          SAM’S 21 has ambitious plans to go public, providing an opportunity for all investors and members to participate in the company’s success.

-           The goal is to make every investor and member globally prosperous through their investment in SAM’S 21.